Monday, September 19, 2011

The New Four Food Groups, Part Deux (That's 2 in French)

So, you're probably thinking to yourself, what did the first post have to do with food groups and why are they new?  Well, I shall tell you now and only say the word "Nik".  (Oops....weird Monty Python reference.  Disregard that.)

During my incessant (daily) attempts at becoming a culinary guru, I have learned a great deal about myself, especially the things that I am exceptionally talented at and the things that I really bomb at, things that are extremely gratifying and deservingly humbling.  I'll give you the lowdown on my not-so-successful endeavors later.
But the most important things I have discovered on this epicurean journey I have embarked on is what I love to cook and what I crave:  bacon, butter, cheese, and garlic.  98 percent of all the food I cook includes at least one, if not all, of those four things.  As I said previously, I love bacon.  LOVE BACON!  So much so that I frequently get in trouble at work for nibbling on the bacon cooked solely for the sandwiches during lunch service (not for my sole habitual consumption).  I've actually had my hand slapped as I reached for the crispy, salty, decadently smoky treat that bacon is.  I have often wondered if there is the existence of Bacon Lovers Anonymous or if maybe I need to be the pioneer spearheading a support group for fellow bacon lovers like me.  (Are there any of you out there willing to admit this?  Let me know...we'll chat.)

No more digressions...back to the title.  I love cooking for people, especially grateful eaters, and I take great pleasure in cooking for a crowd.  At a party we once had where I made a ridiculous multitude of party food (that's kid-speak for appetizers), someone asked me if I always cook with bacon and cheese.  My quickwitted response was, "Why, yes, and butter and garlic too; in fact, those are the new four food groups!"  Henceforth, I live and die by that thought process in cooking.  Okay, I really only live by it and my family thanks me for it.  (Our cardiovascular systems may object, but the objections must be at the pitch of a dog whistle since I can't hear it).

In conclusion (sounds like a closing argument in court), these incongruent ramblings in my overactive brain are what led me to where I am today.  I'm not a fancfied chef or an esteemed restauratuer, but I am a dedicated wife, mother, cook, and a huge fan of food!  (Did I mention I love bacon?  Guess that's becoming redundant.)

Oh, and in post-conclusion (can I do that?  Oh, yeah, it's my post!  I can do what I want), you probably want to know if I'm going to share recipes or cook anything or have any plausible advice to give you.  Who knows!  I may just endlessly chatter pointless meandering thoughts flowing through my overcrowded brain.  Just kidding.  Actually, I will do all of those things and more!  I am a newbie to this whole blogger thing, but I have a lot to say before I die.  Hopefully you aren't bored before I get to something you want to hear!

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