Monday, January 28, 2013

Insane 21-Layer Dip! Genius!

This is Insane!  21-Layer Dip!  I know, it's crazy, but I did it!  I'm not going to list individual recipes for each layer, but please comment on any layer you want and I will answer with the recipe.  I took this to work, and 13 people DEVOURED IT!  I swear it's good!  The picture doesn't do the recipe justice, but I swear you'll love it.  I'll stop swearing now.


2 layers of refried beans mixed with taco seasoning
1 layer of cooked, diced bacon
1 layer of homemade guacamole
2 layers of Fiesta Ranch Dip
1 layer of homemade queso
1 layer of chopped lettuce
1 layer of jalapeno nacho slices
1 layer of chicken fajita meat, cooked
1 layer of taco meat, cooked
1 layer of cream cheese mixed with salsa
1 layer of salsa
1 layer of black olives
1 layer of tomatoes, chopped
4 layers of cheese, Monterrey Jack, Pepper Jack, Colby Jack, and Asadero
1 layer of sliced green onions
1 layer of queso

Layer the layers however you want to.  I try to layer according to thickness of the layer and color.  Refrigerate at least an hour to set flavors.  Serve with tortilla chips.


  1. Any suggestions of how to make agreat ground chivken taco

  2. How do you make your cheese dip for chips

  3. As far as cheese dip, I do have a queso that my husband thinks is quite special. I have been a little selfish with not sharing it. But, since you asked, I will stop being selfish and share! I will gather up the ingredients for it and make it this weekend. I should have the post for you on Sunday. Thank you!

  4. What is fiesta ranch dip &how do u make it

    1. Thank you for asking. Fiesta Ranch Dip is a product by Hidden Valley Ranch. It's one of those packets of dip mix. You just add a 16-ounce carton of sour cream with it. It's darn tasty!