Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Top Ten Recipes

Here are pictures and links to my most popular recipes for all of 2013.  Enjoy!

With 1,812 pageviews, this dish combines spicy and pasta, which are two of my husband's favorite things to eat. Number 10 is Blackened Chicken with Cajun Fettuccine Alfredo.

Number 9 on the list is a newcomer.  This post is only 13 days old and has already received 2,155 pageviews.  Baked Italian Chicken is sure to impress anyone who comes to dinner.

This recipe uses all the "New Four Food Groups," bacon, butter, cheese and garlic.  These tasty Bacon, Butter, Cheese & Garlic Mushrooms that come in at number 8 have received a total of 3,764 pageviews.

Looking for a comforting casserole?  Confetti Chicken Casserole is a great way to enjoy comforting foods.  At number 7 on my list, this recipe has received 4,511 pageviews.

Number 6 on the list is Panko Cheddar Chicken.  It's a delightful crusted, baked chicken that has received 6,118 pageviews so far.

Number 5 on the list is a recipe that has a lot of ingredients, but it's super easy to make since you just throw it all in the crockpot.  Touchdown Dip has been pretty popular with 6,603 pageviews.

Number 4 on the list is my spin of one of my favorite restaurant dishes, Ziti al Forno.  Ziti al Forno may become one of your favorites too since 8,810 people have looked at this recipe.

Not knowing this dish would become so popular, my number 3 recipe, Corn Casserole, was something I just threw together.  Must have been good since a whopping 44,634 people have viewed this recipe.  

Number 2 on the list is worth looking at even if you only make the sauce.  Tortilla Chip & Pepper Jack Crusted Chicken with Avocado & Jalapeno Ranch Sauce.  103,502 people have made this recipe a hit.

The star of my show and the reason I keep blogging is this recipe.  With an impressive 907,410 pageviews, my number 1 recipe, Smothered Chicken, is a recipe close to my heart. Created for my husband on Valentine's Day, this dish is sure to bring out the romance in whomever you cook it for.


  1. I made this tonight for my family. I've been a "good cook" for over 40 years and have had my share of raves, but this was one of the best chicken dishes I've ever made. Thanks for the recipe!