Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tortellini Salad with Greek Dressing

Here's another dish that's great for parties or get-togethers. Tortellini Salad with homemade Greek Dressing.  Darn tasty!

1 lb frozen cheese tortellini
1/2 C sliced pepperoncinis
1 pint grape tomatoes
1/4 lb salami, cut in halves
2 T fresh basil, chopped
1/4 C red onions, sliced
1 C fresh cubed Mozzarella or bocconcini
One 14-ounce can black olives, drained
One 14-ounce can artichoke hearts, drained
2.5 ounce package mini pepperoni

1 C vegetable oil
1 T garlic powder
2 teaspoons oregano
2 T fresh basil
Salt & pepper, to taste
1 T onion powder
1 T dijon mustard
1 C red wine vinegar
4 ounces crumbled feta cheese
Juice of 1 lemon
1/4 C Parmesan cheese

Cook tortellini according to directions.  Drain and rinse.

Mix dressing ingredients together in a blender.

Mix all of the ingredients and dressing together with the tortellini.  Chill at least 30 minutes before serving.

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